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Amicide Advance 700 l What's Your Mix? - Nufarm Australia

Discover how Amicide Advance 700 can work for you.

Amicide® Advance 700 is a world first, patented product from Nufarm which delivers a stable and higher loaded product to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds for both in-crop and fallow situations.

More than six years of laboratory, glass house and replicated field trial work went into creating this 700 g/L 2,4-D dual salt amine formulation for the unique Australian market. It is a soluble liquid, Group I herbicide delivering the convenience of having both fallow and in-crop registrations in the one drum. Amicide Advance 700 has been designed, formulated and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions. This is important because our conditions are like no other in the world.

  • • Unique, 700 g/L 2,4-D amine dual salt formulation. Dual Salt Technology® allows for higher loading, better compatibility and increased robustness
  • • Fallow and in-crop registrations give you one product to use all year round
  • • Compatible with all Nufarm weedmaster® formulations (DST®, ARGO® and DUO), giving you piece of mind knowing that you will achieve maximum compatibility and efficacy when mixing
  • • New Optical Spot Spray Technology (OSST), fleabane and spot-spraying registrations mean that you can use Amicide Advance 700 with confidence that the product has been trialed and tested to perform
  • • Non-volatile when used according to the label means where you put it is where it stays
  • • Manufactured in Australia


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