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Archived News 2004 & Earlier - Nufarm Australia

Archived News 2005

29 Mar 2004 BASF distribution deal in Australia (PDF 102kb)
Broadacre farmers fighting wild oats should try an alternative chemical group on their paddocks to break the weed’s increasingly stubborn resistance to Group A herbicides

19 Mar 2003 Envirodrums target continues to rise (PDF 105kb)
One of the crop protection industry’s most successful innovations is expected to reach a major milestone this year, with Nufarm and Crop Care predicting that sales of their envirodrum returnable containers will reach 130,000 over the current 12 months

20 Jan 2003 Avadex® Xtra - Fight Wild Oat Herbicide Resistance Brochure (PDF 325kb)
Crop yield trials have shown Avadex Xtra treated areas averaged 10% more grain than crops treated with post-emergent herbicides. That’s an extra 100kg for each tonne of production you expect from a hectare!
See the attached brochure for more information.

15 Dec 2002 New Label Updates for Amitrole T (PDF 70kb)
The Amitrole T label has recently been updated - key highlights are:
Application instructions for Amitrole T have been changed to reflect common industry practice, application water volumes are now from 100L to 500L/Ha water.
Amitrole T is now registered for use in Eucalyptus plantations
Amitrole T is now registered for use to control Treepears (Opuntia Spp.) in rights of way and non-crop areas.

25 Oct 2002 Mobait: it’s ‘fatal attraction’ for vegetable pests MR (PDF 120kb)
Vegetable growers targeting quality-driven premiums this season can significantly improve the performance of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs with Mobait feeding attractant.

25 Oct 2002 Feeding attractant boon for IPM strategies MR (PDF 99kb)
Mobait is increasing the efficacy of Bt spraying programs for Gatton district vegetable grower

25 Oct 2002 Mobait: it’s ‘fatal attraction’ for light brown apple moth MR (PDF 134kb)
Mobait improved light brown apple moth control in grapes with Dipel® by 63%

25 Oct 2002 Mobait is increasing the efficacy of Bt spraying programs MR (PDF 98kb)
A 63 percent increase in control of Light Brown Apple Moth on grapevines has been achieved
with the tactical inclusion of a natural insect feeding attractant into integrated pest management (IPM) programs in the Coonawarra.

25 Oct 2002 Mobait: it’s ‘fatal attraction’ for heliothis MR (PDF 91kb)
Cotton growers this season can significantly improve the performance of Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) insecticides during critical pest control periods with Mobait feeding attractant from Australia’s Nufarm Ltd.

25 Oct 2002 Heliothis attractant boon for IPM strategies MR (PDF 94kb)
Tactical inclusion of a natural insect feeding attractant into heliothis spraying programs is
reducing chemical costs and increasing the efficacy of integrated pest management (IPM)

01 Jul 2002 Adjuvants Product Guide (PDF 421kb)
Adjuvants are a unique group of products that have the ability to greatly influence the performance of pesticides

03 May 2002 Nufarm bolsters crop protection portfolio with Roundup MR (PDF 92kb)
The ACCC has approved the transition, from Monsanto Australia Ltd to Nufarm Australia Ltd,
of the rights to distribute the Roundup family of products and the transfer of ownership of
strategic selective chemistries.

07 Apr 2002 Lantana...the horror story (PDF 128kb)
Lantana - the perfumed and colourful garden plant - has a leading role in an environmental horror story with a plot unfolding quietly around us.

02 Mar 2002 Tri-Base Blue Brochure (PDF 156kb)
Tri-Base Liquid Copper is a dependable and economical fungacide that can be used whenever copper fungicides are recommended for control of plant diseases

01 Oct 2001 Freeway Gold ensures pesticide penetration - Brochure (PDF 46kb)
Freeway Gold is an incredibly effective surfactant based on organosilicone technology

01 May 2001 Amicide® 625 selective herbicide Brochure (PDF 203kb)
Amicide® 625 selective herbicide is a new improved formulation for weed control in many situations including cereals, pastures and sugar

15 Mar 2001 Nufarm introduces Weedmaster Duo Brochure (PDF 300kb)
Weedmaster Duo - a revolutionary development in glyphosate technology designed to improve the performance of 360 g/L formulations. Weedmaster Duo uses Dual Salt Technology to improve the performance of glyphosate

01 Apr 2000 New glyphosate sets industry benchmark (PDF 7.8MB)
Now Credit + Bonus, an evolutionary development of glyphosate, combines scientific breakthroughs and integrated design to deliver a complete weed control system, optimised for on-farm use.

15 Sep 1999 Formulation & packaging benefits (PDF 109kb)
Dry formulations and refillable packaging benefit growers and the environment

01 Sep 1999 Nutril Herbicide For Sugar Cane (PDF 12kb)
Nutril is a selective herbicide that provides fast acting control of hard to kill broadleaf weeds and mature vines in sugarcane.

01 Sep 1999 Elect 750 Fungicide (PDF 13kb)
Elect 750 is our new protectant fungicide that contains 750g/L Chlorothalonil. Many growers will be aware that this fungicide provides excellent broad-spectrum activity on many diseases. Application situations include grapes, peanuts, tobacco potatoes, tomatoes, other vegetable crops, stone fruits and nut crops, turf and lawns.

22 Feb 1999 Knockdown weeds and reduce seed set in pastures with NEW Weedmaster 490 CT PLUS. (PDF 24kb)
Cultivating to control weeds can be a major cause of soil degradation and lost production. Weed management with herbicides has proven to be a practical and far less damaging alternative to cultivation.

14 Jan 1999 Licensing agreement with Monsanto (PDF 9kb)
In a licensing agreement announced on 11th January with agrochemical manufacturer Monsanto, Nufarm will be able to market its own brand of glyphosate herbicide (Nufarm CREDIT) in the US over the top of Roundup Ready crops.

02 Nov 1998 Weedmaster 360…the green glyphosate herbicide from Nufarm (PDF 46kb)
Glyphosate herbicide has been used in Australia since the mid 1970's for the control of annual, perennial, brush and woody weeds in a wide range of situations.

09 Apr 1998 Alternative branding for dicamba range of herbicides (PDF 20kb)
Kamba 200 (200 g/L dicamba) controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds at relatively low
application rates on fallow, stubble or pasture before sowing in conservation tillage systems.