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Archived News 2006 - Nufarm Australia

Archived News 2006

25 Sep 06 Spray Drift Media Release (PDF 23kb)
Spray drift is a major issue in Australian agriculture today. Tighter rotations and intense farming systems coupled with increased diversity, has increased the possibility of off-target damage.

25 Sep 06 Nufarm R&D Media Release (PDF 26kb)
Nufarm Ltd has continued to offer local knowledge and support to assist in delivering the results Australian farmers demand for long term sustainability.

01 Sep 2006 Mallet turf and ornamental fungicide (PDF 46KB)
Nufarm Ltd is proud to announce the release of its latest Insecticide for professional turf, Mallet Turf and Ornamental Insecticide.

01 Jul 2006 Nufarmer - Winter Edition 2006 (PDF 705kb)
An update from Nufarm on research, development and marketing of crop protection products in Australia

22 May 2006 Aero® puts growers at the cutting edge (PDF 23kb)
Aero® Fungicide is the latest product to be released by Nufarm for Australian potato growers. Registration for Australian use was granted by the APVMA in May 2006

01 May 2006 Lighter weight pack means less strain for horticulture workers (PDF 21kb)
Nufarm Australia Limited has responded to the Australian horticultural industry’s need for improved worker safety by introducing a new pack size for a key product in the range, Microthiol Disperss.

03 Apr 2006 Spraywise Seminars - managing spray drift media release (PDF 17kb)
More than 700 farmers and agronomic advisors have heard and seen ways to reduce off-target spray drift at 19 spray application workshops held by Nufarm in the past four months.

01 Mar 2006 Additional sticker for 2,4-D products (PDF 16kb)
The APVMA has recently decreed that all 2,4-D products need to carry an additional sticker that states that these products are a phenoxy herbicide that can damage susceptible crops.

01 Mar 2006 Nufarm Australia Actions with Spray Drift Stickers on 2,4-D Products (PDF 31kb)
Nufarm Australia have supported the actions of the APVMA by including the spray drift stickers on all 2,4-D products that have been produced or held in Nufarm production sites and regional service centres by November 30 2005.

01 Mar 06

Pest Management in Mangoes (PDF 1.94mb)

An overview of workshops presented by AMIA, Nufarm with funding assistance from the AusIndustry Innovation Access Program