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Archived News 2007 - Nufarm Australia

Archived News 2007

30 Nov 07

Comet 400: the new shining star in broadleaf weed control (PDF 45KB)

Now there’s a new shining star against difficult to control broadleaf weeds especially in the non crop areas of forestry and vegetation management. Introducing Comet 400 from Nufarm, allowing you to treat double the area with the same amount of product.

29 Nov 07

New Vegetable Spray Guide

To assist Australian vegetable growers in spray application of fungicides in disease control programs Nufarm has developed a double sided A3 chart. One side contains information on fungicide selection and diseases controlled in major vegetable crops. On the reverse is a comprehensive guide to spray application of fungicides and nozzle selection. Charts are available on request from your local territory or horticulture manager. See contacts page to locate and make contact with your local Nufarm representative. Alternatively contact Croplands & Nufarm spray application specialist Jorg Kitt.

21 Nov 07

Nufarm Remains Business as Usual Approach to Takeover Bid (PDF 46KB)

Nufarm Australia’s General Manager Lachlan McKinnon said it will be “business as usual” while the company deals with a proposed takeover bid by a consortium including China’s largest crop protection producer.

1 Nov 07

New Product - Unite® Ultrastick® (PDF 63kb)

Our new ‘ultra sticky’ 720g/L Chlorothalonil formulation – Unite Ultrastick is now available.
The secret to Unite Ultrastick’s super stickability is it’s innovative surfactant package, developed by Nufarm Australia’s formulation team for Australia’s tough weather conditions.

30 Oct 07

New Product - Corasil Quickfacts Product Info(PDF 225kb)

Download this facts sheet for information on Corasil, how it works, when to apply, rates, varieties and growers experiences.

23 Oct 07

New Product - Corasil (PDF 251kb)

Corasil is an exciting new Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) for Australian citrus growers as it has the ability to improve profitability from their orchard.

23 Oct 07

*New* Corasil Specnote Published (PDF 325kb)

A brand new Corasil SpecNote has just been released and for a short time, you can view it here. Click the link to have a look.
Corasil is a plant growth regulator used for increasing the fruit size of citrus. It provides growers with the opportunity to significantly improve the packout performance of oranges and mandarins.

08 Oct 07

Comet 400: The New Shining Star in Broadleaf Weed Control (PDF 331kb)

Now there’s a new shining star against difficult to control broadleaf weeds especially in sorghum, summer fallow and sugarcane. Introducing Comet 400 from Nufarm, the most powerful comet ever, allowing you to treat double the area with the same amount of product.

08 Oct 07

Nufarm launch New 60L Envirodrum with Comet 400. (PDF 199kb)

Nufarm are committed to the ongoing development of innovative packaging solutions to be able to meet the ever-changing demands of Australian growers. The new 60 litre Envirodrum is another example of Nufarm’s commitment to more efficient product delivery systems.

31 Aug 07

Nufarm launch powerful new Surpass (PDF 13kb)

A new, 50% stronger 2,4-D featuring improved compatibilities with a wide range of glyphosates, most specifically with Roundup PowerMAX, is set to redefine the summer fallow weed control market.

16 Aug 07

New Permit for control of lettuce aphid in lettuce - Nuprid 350 (PDF 38kb)

Recently approved permit for Nuprid 350 for use in Lettuce, Chicory, Endive and Radicchio

16 Aug 07

New Farm Chemical Use Laws in Victoria (PDF 16kb)

Farmers and contractors using agricultural and veterinary chemicals applied to land, crops and livestock are now required to make specified records of all chemical use within 48 hours of the use.

14 Aug 07

Nufarm expected to release new 2,4-D formulation to the Australian market (PDF 16kb)

The leading manufacturer of 2,4-D products in Australia, Nufarm Limited has continued to “push the boundaries” with a new formulation will be available in August.

01 Aug 07

APVMA - Atrazine review progresses (PDF 54KB)

Press Release from the APVMA, regarding its current Existing Chemical Review on the active Atrazine

25 Jun 07

Nufarm strengthens Turf Fungicide Portfolio (PDF 47KB)

Nufarm Ltd is proud to announce the registration of 3 key fungicides for professional turf: -
Penncozeb 420 SC Fungicide, Nufarm Unite 720 Fungicide, Nufarm Throttle Fungicide

14 May 07

Australia’s leading agribusiness organisations join forces with beyond blue to tackle depression during the drought (PDF 25kb)

Beyond Blue: The national depression initiative and Australia’s leading agribusiness organisations have formed a partnership to address depression in drought-affected areas.

01 Feb 07

Nufarm releases new formulation of MCPA (PDF 24kb)

Nufarm Limited, the global leaders in MCPA have established a higher loaded 750g/L formulation of MCPA, Agritone 750, for the Australian market.

25 Jan 07 New Product - Estercide Xtra® Media Release (PDF 24kb)
Australia’s leading agricultural chemical company, Nufarm Limited, has developed a new formulation of low volatile 2,4-D ester, Estercide Xtra®.

25 Jan 07 New Product - TriflurXcel® Media Release (PDF 23kb)
Nufarm Limited have announced a world first technology that will deliver greater efficiencies to Australian farmers in these tough climatic conditions.