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Archived News 2009 - Nufarm Australia

Archived News 2009

Dec 09

Roundup DST rewriting the CT benchmark (PDF 58KB)

Roundup® is one of the most recognised brands in Australian agriculture, providing a glyphosate solution for every operation. So with Nufarm’s imminent launch of Roundup DST, now is time to ring in the changes with this new generation technology.

Dec 09

Research Nufarm's horticulture key (PDF 43KB)

With the future of agriculture in Australia still looking positive despite global economic conditions, horticulture has become an increasingly important component of Nufarm’s portfolio of products. Research and development projects coordinator, Doug Wilson, believes that the importance of effective and dedicated research and development should not be underestimated. When it comes to providing growers with the best crop protection products local testing and experience counts for a lot.

Dec 09

Popular online CottonMap is raising awareness (PDF 49KB)

This cotton season has seen the launch of the online interactive CottonMap, an industry joint initiative to help cotton and broadacre growers tackle the problem of off target drift. The new CottonMap site,, is a progression from last season’s popular Cotton Awareness Map produced as a poster which highlighted cotton fields to create awareness for broadacre fallow applications, with the intention of minimising drift. Such was the popularity of the poster, other valleys demanded their own 'map' and the online version was born.

Nov 09

Top Croppers are tops when it comes to beyondblue (PDF 66KB)

When the Nufarm Top Croppers team wanted to give members a meaningful option for the use of left over points, donations to beyondblue: the national depression initiative was the obvious choice. Members’ support, however, has far exceeded expectations.

Nov 09

Loveland rewards Nufarm adjuvant effort (PDF 46KB)

A recent invitation from Loveland for Nufarm staff to visit the US also presented a nice surprise to the Australian group, picking up a number of sales awards.

Oct 09

Nutgrass rears its head, but Sempra solution at hand (PDF 55KB)

It is anticipated that nutgrass will make a resurgence in the coming months, much to the dread of gardeners everywhere. Nutgrass in particular is a problem in turf and lawns, and with the coming wetter months, tubers that have been lying dormant will re-emerge. Chemical treatment is the most efficient and effective way to treat their infestation, with a number of control products on the market. One of the most effective products available, for a number of reasons, is Sempra.

Aug 09

Fungicide use for crop success (PDF 55KB)

Like anything, good planning and strategy will help to provide the best possible outcome. Cereal cropping isn’t any different, and fungicides play an important part in that process. Peter Spencer, Senior Agronomist with IK Caldwell at Cobram in Victoria’s north east, explains further.

Aug 09

Opus outstrips opponents (PDF 117KB)

The devil is in the detail, or so the saying goes. According to Geoff Raymond, Nufarm national business manager, this is especially true when it comes to the Opus fungicide formulation.

Jul 09

Nufarm's LVE Agritone to make life easier (PDF 45KB)

Nufarm’s new low volatile ester MCPA formulation, LVE Agritone, will save time and deliver handling benefits to users through a more concentrated formulation which will make a real difference to practical application aspects, without compromising efficacy. This new 570g/L MCPA formulation is a 14 percent increase in active loading compared with Nufarm’s LVE MCPA which is being replaced.

Jun 09

Nufarm announces new Acrobat SC formulation (PDF 47KB)

Managing crop protection strategies to minimise chemical resistance is nothing new. It is a key reason behind Nufarm’s commitment to continual development of new and existing products. This focus on research has resulted in the recent launch of Acrobat SC. It is an improved formulation for this key product to move from a wettable powder to a suspension concentrate.

May 09

Nufarm announces new Acrobat SC formulation

Acrobat SC is a locally systemic fungicide for the control of various diseases including downy mildew in cucurbits, grapevines, head lettuce, oilseed poppies and onions, and blights in potatoes. This new suspension concentrate liquid formulation was released in April 2009. Acrobat SC should be applied with mancozeb or Polyram DF.
Please click to download the Label and MSDS.

May 09

New label for Glyphosate CT to include Trees, Nuts and Vines (PDF 220KB)

The label for Glyphosate CT has been updated to include registrations for Trees, Nuts and Vines. See the new label (linked) for conditions of use.

March 09

Nufarm further expands forestry portfolio (PDF 260KB)

Nufarm is pleased to announce the registration of two new plant protection products with GRUNT herbicide and Regent 200 SC insecticide now added to its forestry portfolio.

April 09

Nufarm's Minder to provide choice (PDF 46KB)

The recent launch of Nufarm’s new herbicide, Minder, will provide growers with product choice when selecting treatments for broadleaf weeds in cereal crops and pastures.

April 09

Online tool helps spray decisions (PDF 47KB)

It is important that farmers make the most of their crop protection investment. Correct application goes a long way to ensuring this, which is where Spraywise Decisions comes in. This online tool provides 2, 5, 7 and 14 day forecast reports covering temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, Delta T, frost risk, rainfall and inversion predictions. It has also recently been upgraded with some new features.

April 09

Dynamic duo proving effective (PDF 56KB)

Pre-emergent weed control is nothing new to farmers, but with greater emphasis on input costs and resistance management, a tried and tested mix is proving beneficial.

15 Apr 08

New Product Guide - Tri-Base Blue - Now Available

The new Tri-Base Blue Product Guide has just been released. Check out the Technical Material page for more information.

March 09

Nufarm managing glyphosate supply and development (PDF 58KB)

Nufarm’s is looking forward to the coming year, and now is the time to plan and develop strategies for the season ahead. Likewise, the company is very excited about some new product developments in our Roundup pipeline which are due for release later this year and into 2010.

March 09

Adjuvant quality key to application success (PDF 49KB)

The use of adjuvants when applying crop protection chemicals can enhance the effectiveness of the application and improve the efficacy of the chemical in question. However, not all adjuvants are the same and ensuring you use a quality formulation is critical.

March 09

Autumn weed control crucial (PDF 54KB)

When it comes to maximising crop returns, robust and reliable weed control is essential. Recent research has found that selective pre-emergent herbicide application shows a net value of $31/ha pa over selective post emergent application.