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Avadex Xtra & TriflurX - Nufarm Australia

Now with higher use rates, Avadex Xtra becomes the ultimate wingman when paired with pre-emergent herbicides – providing consistent, reliable control of problem weeds, including annual ryegrass.


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Getting the best out of Avadex Xtra plus TriflurX

Avadex® Xtra and TriflurX® deliver consistent, reliable and cost effective weed control across a range of problem weeds including ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed/hogweed.

Together, they provide a solution for the management of these, and other, weeds. The synergistic benefits from the combined application provide improved weed control compared with using the two products individually.

  • • Cost effective control of a wide range of weeds, including problem weeds annual ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed/hogweed.
  • • Prevents weeds competing with crops from the time of sowing
  • • Versatile and can be used with in a wide variety of cropping situations
  • • Gives up to 14 weeks protection from subsequent germinations
  • • Helps manage annual ryegrass and wild oat resistance and is a useful tool in integrated weed management
  • • Provides two powerful doses of two herbicide groups in one pass – saving time and application costs

Avadex Xtra contains 500 g/L of the active ingredient tri-allate. Avadex Xtra is a group J herbicide that works by inhibiting fat synthesis. TriflurX contains 480 g/L of the active ingredient trifluralin. TriflurX is a group a group D herbicide that works by inhibiting tubulin formation.

When both herbicides are incorporated and come into contact with moisture they turn into a gaseous vapour, filling the pore spaces within soil. This vapour is then absorbed by the coleoptile and roots of germinating weeds, inhibiting growth.

The combination of Avadex Xtra and TriflurX is registered to control: Annual ryegrass, wireweed/hogweed, wild oats, cereal oats, phalaris spp., fumitory, sand fescue, silver grass, winter grass, paradoxa grass/canary grass, corn gromwell, sheepwood and rough poppy

The combination of Avadex Xtra and TriflurX is registered for soil surface suppression of: Brome grass, barley grass, three-cornered jack/doublegee, caltrop, yellow burr weed, deadnettle and speedwell.

Avadex Xtra and TriflurX should be applied to the soil and evenly incorporated by sowing (IBS). Soil throw is critical to ensure that the inter-row is covered – but soil should not be thrown into the adjoining furrow. Germination of weed seed is reduced by low weed seed disturbance and an undisturbed inter-row.

Trial ID: NUVC-10-7.01-H09. Barley yield (t/ha) and % ARG spike reduction. Target: Group D susceptible ARG (spike population in untreated control = 132/m2). No significant differences in crop yield. Trial Collaborator: Birchip Cropping Group.

Avadex Xtra

Product Type
Pre-emergent herbicide
Pre-emergent herbicide
Active Ingredient
500 g/L tri-allate
480 g/L trifluralin
Chemical Family
Group J
Group D
Use Rate
3.2 L/ha
3.0 L/ha
Incorporation Period
Within 48 hours
Within 24 hours
Avadex Xtra and TriflurX Used in Combination
Registered Use
Wheat, barley, triticale and canola
Weeds Controlled
Annual ryegrass (including Group D resistant biotypes), wireweed, phalaris spp., fumitory, wild oats (including Group A resistant biotypes), cereal oats, sand fescue, silver grass, winter grass, paradoxa grass, corn gromwell, rough poppy
Weeds Suppressed at Soil Surface
Brome grass, barley grass, three-cornered jack, caltrop, (yellowvine and bullhead), yellow burr weed, deadnettle, speedwell
Recommended Spray Quality
COARSE or greater
Recommended Water Rate
40 to 100 L/ha
Product Pack Sizes
20L, 110L, 1000L

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