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Bouncer 960 l What's Your Mix?

Discover how Bouncer 960S can work for you.

Bouncer® 960S is the ideal tank mix partner with weedmaster® ARGO®, TriflurX®, Avadex® Xtra prior to
sowing in wheat, barley and canola.

Bouncer 960S is an emulsifiable concentrate that contains 960g/L of the active ingredient metolachlor. Unlike some metolachlor herbicides, the s-isomer in Bouncer 960S’s metolachlor formulation offers significantly more efficacy on weeds at lower use rates. It is a Group K herbicide, which has multiple sites ofaction and is classified as having a medium risk for resistance when used as part of an integrated weed management program.

  • • Bouncer 960S is the ideal pre-emergent tank mix partner to control toad rush and suppress annual ryegrass
  • • The metolachlor-S formulation delivers more activity on weeds compared to standard metolachlor formulations
  • • Can be used at or immediately after planting of canola, wheat, barley, oats and triticale crops
  • • Low economical use rates at 150-500mL/ha
  • • Available in 20L and 110L containers


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