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Grow Better Canola with weedmaster DST

weedmaster® DST® is an easy-to-use, high performing, dual-salt liquid glyphosate with a suite of unique registrations making it ideal for all year round use.

Key Features

Dual Salt Technology
Superior compatibility with other tank mix partners
Fast brownout accross a wide range of weeds
Outstanding performance on hard to kill weeds

Liquid formulation for easy pouring, even in low temperatures
1hr rainfastness when used with LI 700®

Fact Sheets & Technotes

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weedmaster DST is an easy-to-use, high performing, dual-salt liquid glyphoaste with a suite of unique registrations making it ideal for all year round use.
Learn about grower Scott Bayley who has been growing glyphosate tolerant canola in rotation with his wheat and barley crops for the past four seasons.
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LI 700 penetrates weeds, acidifies high pH (alkaline) water, and is compatible with Nufarm’s range of summer and knockdown herbicides, including weedmaster DST.
weedmaster DST is a unique combination of two salts and innovative surfactant technology to form advanced glyphosate products with improved performance compared to single-salt products.

weedmaster DST Over The Top in Canola

weedmaster DST is now registered for Over The Top (OTT) weed control in glyphosate tolerant canola between crop emergence and six leaf stage.

weedmaster DST Pre-Harvest Application

As part of the approved registration, growers will be able to apply weedmaster DST after 20% canola seed colour change or under the cutterbar at time of windrowing on all canola systems including Triazine Tolerant, Clearfield, Roundup Ready and conventional varieties.

This early application timing (20% seed colour change) is critical for reducing weed seed set and, combined with higher rates and weedmaster DST’s high performance characteristics, delivers maximum annual weed control and reduction of weed seed set.

Support Tools

To further enhance your spray strategy, get up to date weather information with Spraywise Decisions®. It provides a real-time spray planner, meteogram and radar information from the convenience of your mobile. Better decisions, better results.

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Canolawise® is a Nufarm developed stewardship initiative to help you manage your weedmaster DST applications in canola with a simple spray log and field assessment survey.

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