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Outperforming solutions for outstanding fallow results.

Summer fallow is all about achieving a clean, weed free paddock in a fast, convenient and cost effective way. It’s important to use a solution that will retain the maximum amount of soil moisture and nutrients heading into Autumn by delivering superior weed killing performance. Nufarm’s fallow solution delivers exactly that with a combination of:

• weedmaster® DST®
• LI 700®
• Amicide® Advance 700, Estercide® Xtra 680 or Estercide 800

Through rigorous R&D, a complete fallow solution has been developed consisting of Nufarm’s high performance Dual Salt Technology® glyphosate weedmaster DST, market leading 2,4-D products Amicide Advance 700 or Estercide Xtra 680 and adjuvant LI 700, as well as a host of additional spike products.

This solution delivers outstanding weed killing performance with the added benefit of excellent tank mix compatibility.

With the added benefit of being uniquely formulated for optimal tank mixing compatibility, you can be assured that Nufarm products have been tried and tested to deliver you quality and reliability. As a highly compatible combination, growers can benefit from the reduced risk of common frustrations such as reduced efficacy and tank drop outs.

Here is how our fallow solution stacks up:

Nufarm's fallow solution is backed by a host of supporting tools and services designed to ensure that you get the best out your inputs. These include:
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