FlightEC - Nufarm Australia

Flight EC takes off!

Flight EC has been developed in Australia to provide effective control of broadleaf weeds and at the same time aid in the preservation of Group I chemistry.

Containing picolinafen from Group F, MCPA from Group I and bromoxynil from Group C, Flight EC is registered for the control of wild radish, charlock, hedge mustard, Indian hedge mustard, mustard, prickly lettuce, shepherd’s purse, turnip weed, wild turnip, capeweed, canola, crassula, corn gromwell, saffron thistle and toad rush. It also suppresses sowthistle, doublegee, deadnettle, fumitory and volunteer lupins.

As a co-formulation of three active ingredients, Flight EC delivers an option to farmers to help with resistance management practices as well as delivering consistent, robust weed control over a wide range of broadleaf weeds, including wild radish.

It is an innovative formulation that can be used Australia wide, with good crop safety for outstanding broadleaf weed control.

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The benefits of Flight EC include:
  • Excellent weed control
  • Safe to use in wheat, barley and oats
  • Can be applied to cereals from growth stage Z13
  • Ideal for use as a resistance management tool for the preservation of Group I chemistry