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Nufarm PlantBeat - Nufarm Australia


The pulse of your plants, in the palm of your hand

Exclusive to Nufarm Australia, PlantBeat™ is a leading edge technology decision support tool providing real-time visibility of plant heath status so decisions can be made quickly.

Could you benefit from PlantBeat™?

PlantBeat™ can offer:

  • Visibility, from anywhere, so management decisions can be implemented and plant status remains above the threshold of yield loss
  • Simple traffic light management system. Allowing immediate decisions without the need to trawl through data
  • A service, all equipment (data logger, dendrometers, soil-moisture sensors,) are provided and installed by Nufarm
  • Reassurance for large-scale operations spanning multiple locations, no more guesswork

How does PlantBeat™ work?

Raw data is collected hourly (across the GSM network) from sensors and data fields, this data is converted into a status of plant health. The central components are two stem measurements; the daily growth rate and the maximum daily shrinkage. The real-time status of plant health is determined from comparisons to the stress threshold algorithm.

PlantBeat enables you to monitor plant health with real time Plant Stress Alerts direct to your mobile.

This can help you adjust spray or nutrition plans to ensure maximum potential growth.

The benefits of incorporating PlantBeat™ into your operations:

Management efficiency

Real-time alerts and visibility


Cost effective water and inputs

Increase yields

Provides real-time data highlighting priority areas. Access this information from anywhere in the world.

Get alerts for critical plant stress situations, allowing the opportunity to respond immediately to avoid yield impact risks

Seasonal subscription for access to data and alerts. No investment risk or equipment purchase

Optimise irrigation and crop protection inputs, make demand based decisions

Reliable information enables targeted decisions that will increase yields

To understand more: PlantBeat™, contact Aaron Edmunds at Nufarm.