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Research & Development - Nufarm Australia

Research & Development

Our chemists are continually improving pesticide formulations for evaluation in the field.

We have acquired a reputation for manufacturing and formulating products to suit Australian climatic and water conditions. This makes R&D within Nufarm both practical and unique.

Exciting products like Amicide Advance 700®, TERRAIN® and the weedmaster® range promise even greater efficiencies in Australian farming practices.

That’s why for the long-term sustainability of our industry it always pays to insist on Nufarm.

Each year Nufarm invest in more than 550 Replicated Field Trials in broadacre and horticulture crops across the country.

Because of our Australian based Research and Development, we are bringing a whole new generation of products to market which can be trusted to work in tough Australian conditions.

Resistance Management

Herbicide resistance in various weed species is one of the largest issues currently facing Australian agriculture. Herbicide resistant weed populations can now be found throughout all cropping areas from Western Australia to central Queensland. There are currently 25 weed species in Australia and have displayed characteristics of herbicide resistance to one or more herbicide mode of action groups.

Nufarm have recognised the importance of this issue, therefore have invested a significant amount of R&D time and resources to develop a comprehensive understanding of resistance and its functions. Nufarm are committed to Australian agriculture with the ongoing development of our extensive product range to provide innovative crop protection solutions for Australian farmers.

With an extensive herbicide range, Nufarm are in the best position to be able to provide a complete package to manage resistance in integrated weed management programs.