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Now registered for lucerne, chickpea, faba beans, wheat, field peas and fenceline uses, Terrain® delivers reliable, residual weed control for annual ryegrass, flaxleaf fleabane, sow thistle and other weeds.

Use Terrain over established lucerne* for greater returns at harvest. Terrain delivers:
  • • Early weed control, resulting in more lucerne at harvest
  • • Longer weed control, ensuring better quality hay
  • • Broad spectrum control, including control of flaxleaf fleabane, annual ryegrass and ryegrass

Terrain at work

Terrain is non volatile, UV stable herbicide that can remain on the soil surface for up to three weeks. Rainfall is required during this period to incorporate Terrain into the soil. Once incorporated by rainfall, Terrain binds tightly to the top layer of soil, forming a concentrated band of protection. As Terrain binds tightly to soil and is not translocated by roots, Terrain has excellent safety to trees and adjacent crops.

Applying Terrain

For optimum efficacy with Terrain, soil coverage is critical. Application on bare earth, with a small amount of rainfall or irrigation to incorporate is required. Terrain should be applied in a tank mixture with either Shiquat® 250 or Revolver® to control weeds that have already emerged. Terrain should be applied using a COARSE to VERY-COARSE spray quality using a minimum of 80 L/ha of water. Do not apply using high pH water (>7) or allow spray mixtures to stand overnight.

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For more information on Terrain contact your local Nufarm Area Sales Manager.

*Apply Terrain over established lucerne that is at least 12 months old (from time of planting). Always refer to the product label prior to handling or applying Terrain.