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TriflurX l What's Your Mix? - Nufarm Australia

Discover how TirflurX can work for you.

TriflurX® delivers low cost weed control and is a useful tool for delaying resistance if used in an integrated weed management plan. TriflurX is suitable for a variety of cropping situations and gives up to 14 weeks of protection from subsequent weed germinations.

The active ingredient in TriflurX is trifluralin, an inhibitor of microtubule assembly and member of the dinitroaniline family of chemistry (Group D).

Trifluralin is effective in inhibiting cell division by disrupting the formation of tubules in cells that are dividing. It does not stop a seed germinating. It is absorbed by the roots and shoots of susceptible weeds, symptoms are largely unseen as they occur below the ground.

  • • Cost effective control of a wide range of weeds, including problem weeds annual ryegrass, wild oats and wireweed/hogweed
  • • Prevents weeds competing with crops from the time of sowing
  • • Versatile and can be used with in a wide variety of cropping situations
  • • Gives up to 14 weeks protection from subsequent germinations
  • • Helps manage annual ryegrass and wild oat resistance and is a useful tool in integrated weed management
  • • Provides two powerful doses of two herbicide groups in one pass – saving time and application costs


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