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What is Dual Salt Technology?

Dual Salt Technology® is an Australian innovation developed by Nufarm to deliver improved levels of in-field performance compared to other glyphosates.

Since glyphosate was launched in the 1970s, most standard formulations have contained just the one glyphosate salt - either potassium or the isoproplyamine (IPA) salt.

It took years of research by the Australian formulations development team at Nufarm to discover and confirm that adding a second, mono-ammonium salt - in combination with a unique surfactant package - could make glyphosate even more effective and easier to use.

Dual Salt Technology uses two bases to form an advanced glyphosate salt that aids solubility and improved uptake by the plant.

These bases are combined with a tailored surfactant package to ensure products with Dual Salt Technology, including weedmaster DUO and weedmaster DST deliver optimal efficacy in range of conditions:

  • > Excellent stability at low temperature
  • > Improved mixing in hard water
  • > Compatibility with other tank mix partners

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