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Corporate Governance - Nufarm

Corporate Governance

As a publicly listed company, Nufarm recognises its reponsibilities to comply with appropriate corporate governance standards and guidelines. The company's Directors and management believe that compliance with these standards and guidelines assists in the creation of long term shareholder value.

This section of the website provides details of the various corporate governance and disclosure policies adopted by Nufarm. They cover areas such as the composition and responsibilities of the Nufarm Board of Directors; risk management, shareholder communications and disclosure; and internal trading in the company's shares, among others.

The policies are separately listed below for your convenience.

These policies are reviewed on an ongoing basis and we provide a current statement on corporate governance related matters in our annual report.

Corporate Governance Statement
Download the Corporate Governance Statement(PDF) (58 KB)
Anti Bribery Policy
Anti Bribery Policy (PDF) (50 KB)
Code of Conduct
Download the Code of Conduct (PDF) (58 KB)
Human Resources Committee Charter
Download the HR Committee Charter (PDF) (250 KB)
Nomination & Appointment of Directors
Download the Nomination & Appointment of Directors (PDF) (40 KB)
Risk Oversight & Management
Download the Risk Oversight & Management (PDF) (50 KB)
Nomination & Governance Committee Charter
Download the Nomination & Governance Committee Charter (PDF) (75 KB)
Security Trading Policy
Download the Security Trading Policy (PDF) (230 KB)
Performance of Board & Key Executives
Download the Performance of Board & Key Executives (PDF) (64 KB)
Continuous Disclosure Protocol
Download the Continuous Disclosure Protocol (PDF) (170 KB)
Management & Oversight of the Company
Download the Management & Oversight of the Company (PDF) (82 KB)
Communications Policy
Download the Communications Policy (PDF) (38 KB)
Audit & Risk Committee Charter
Download the Audit Committee Charter (PDF) (156 KB)
Diversity Policy
Download the Diversity Policy (PDF) (266 KB)
Health Safety & Environment Committee Charter
Download the Health Safety & Environment Committee Charter (PDF) (125 KB)
Board Charter
Download the Board Charter (PDF) (666 KB)