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Farmer - Nufarm Europe

Crops & Solutions

Nufarm in Europe grows a better tomorrow by simplifying farming. We simplify farming by securing yields in key crops, committing to surpass quality expectations for our growers, distributors and advisors.

Nufarm in Europe has five cross functional marketing teams to deliver farmer needs in four crops and one segment:
Cereals, Corn, Grassland, TPVV (Top Fruits, Potatoes, Vines and Vegetables) and Seed Treatments.

Nufarm provides farmer support with hotlines and internet based tools. We support Farmer Events and through specific farm focus knowledge groups, we exchange expertise with professional farmers for mutual benefit. Nufarm is committed to provide solutions that fit with the latest farming practices, for example Integrated Crop management tools, Minimum Tillage practices and Pasture Management programmes.

Nufarm in Europe - We simplify farming.