Agritone 750 Product Information

Agritone 750

A selective herbicide for the control of many broadleaf weeds in established pastures, grass playing fields and lawns, and in cereals, grass seed and linseed crops.

  • Ideal for weed control in established pasture.

  • The preferred option for treating buttercups and thistles (especially nodding thistle).

  • Absorbed through the foliage and translocated to the growing points in the shoots and roots.

  • Rainfast in just 2 hours

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

750g/L MCPA
Soluble concentrate
5L, 10L, 20L, 110L and 200L

Weeds Controlled
Agritone 750 controls or severely checks the following:
Bathurst bur, Black nightshade, Burdock, Buttercups (celery leaved, creeping*, giant* and water), Catsear, Daisy, Dandelion, Fathen, Field cress, Fumitory, Hawkbit, Hedge mustard, Hoary cress, Mouse-eared hawksweed, Nettles, Onehunga weed, Oxtongue, Pennycress, Plantain, Ragwort*, Redroot, Shepherd’s purse, Storksbill, Thistles (Californian*, nodding*, Scotch, sow, star, welted*, winged* and variegated), Tiger weed (Beggar’s ticks), Twin cress, Watercress*, Wild turnip.

  • Cereals - barley, wheat, ryecorn, oats.
  • Grass seed.
  • Linseed.
  • Pastures, lawns, playing fields.

Further Information
Click here to go to our products page to download the Agritone 750 Product Label or email us for further details. Alternatively contact your local Nufarm Territory Manager.