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Archive - Nufarm New Zealand


April 2009

ProGibb Data Passes the Edmeades Test (PDF 107kb)

The science behind a radical new product for New Zealand farmers has passed – with flying colours – a review by one of the industry’s toughest critics.

March 2009

Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust Launch New Website (PDF 91kb)

A new website which highlights the value of more frequent pasture renewal to New Zealand farmers has been launched by the Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust (PRCT).

December 2008

Safe Disposal of Endosulfan (PDF 53kb)

From 16 January 2009, it will no longer be legal to import, manufacture, or use endosulfan and formulations containing endosulfan in New Zealand...

December 2008

Bio Protection News (PDF 95kb)

Around the world, the search is on for biofuel production systems that won’t...

September 2008

Farmers Wasting Money On Old Habits (PDF 154kb)

Farmers are literally wasting money if they stick to their old habits for spraying out this spring...

April 2008

Radical new product naturally boosts pasture growth (PDF 288kb)

Imagine having 30-60% more Dry Matter (DM) in your ryegrass and clover pastures during spring and autumn. That’s the effect of a radical new product from Nufarm NZ...

Feb 2008

Tandus - a new companion product for Roundup TRANSORB(PDF 101kb)

This year, for the first time, apple orchardists will have the option of using a Nufarm companion product – Tandus™ - to tank mix with Roundup TRANSORB® for their post harvest clean up sprays...

October 2007

Spray before harvest to lift silage ME (PDF 66kb)

Latest research on spraying silage before harvest with Roundup TRANSORB is attracting keen attention from farmers and contractors...

October 2007

Nufarm Glyphosate Pricing Changes (PDF 29kb)

Despite global increases of 50% in the cost of glyphosate acid, the active ingredient in Roundup and glyphosate products...

October 2007

Investment in manufacturing plant (PDF 30kb)

Nufarm NZ has invested heavily in its manufacturing plant in recent times...

October 2007

Hornet 430SC new label claim (PDF 24kb)

Liquid tebuconazole formulation approved for brownrot control in stonefruit

Aug/Sep 2007

Weed of the season - Browntop (PDF 27kb)

Learn the latest techniques for dealing with browntop.

June 2007

AgRecovery Update June (PDF 567kb)

Find out how to obtain your AgRecovery pack and brochure.

Jun/Jul 2007

Weed of the season - Wild Oats (PDF 21kb)

Reduce yield losses caused by wild oats.

Apr/May 2007

Weed of the season - Resistant or hard to kill thistles (PDF 26kb)

Find out the best way to deal with chemical resistance, or hard to kill thistles.

April 2007

AgRecovery press release (PDF 26kb)

Want to get rid of plastic packaging off your farm?

Feb/Mar 2007 Pest of the season: Aphids (PDF 25kb)
Having problems controlling aphids on vegetable brassicas and lettuce transplants?

Dec/Jan 2007 Weed of the season: Gorse (PDF 137kb)
Find out more about controlling gorse.

Oct/Nov 2006 Pest of the season: Grass Grub (PDF 43kb)
Get all the details on how to manage grass grub.

Sep 2006 Second year grass grub (PDF 17kb)
Urgent action needed by farmers to manage exploding spring grass grub populations.

Sep 2006 Weed of the season: Browntop (PDF 362kb)
Gain some useful tips on dealing with browntop.

Aug 2006 Nufarm divests NZ animal health business (PDF 26kb)

Aug 2006 Getting it right with Roundup TRANSORB® (PDF 137kb)
Some useful tips on getting the best out of Roundup TRANSORB.

Mar 2006 Controlling Large and Tolerant Resistant Thistles With Archer™ (PDF kb)
Nodding, variegated, winged and scotched thistles are a problem in many parts of New Zealand but can be effectively controlled.

Oct 2005 Roundup TRANSORB® NEW Registration in Silage (PDF 77kb)
Roundup TRANSORB has a new label claim in silage, which can save farmers time and improve farm productivity.

Oct 2004 DiPel® DF Achieves AgriQuality and BioGro Organic Status (PDF 19kb)
Nufarm is pleased to announce that DiPel DF has received organic certification from AgriQuality and Bio-Gro.

Nov 2004 Slug Damage During Crop Establishment (PDF 21kb)
Trials conducted in New Zealand have shown that slugs can be a major problem.

Nov 2004 Introducing Image® (PDF 12kb)
It's all bad news for tough weeds this season thanks to Image®.

Nov 2004 Guidelines to Fight Resistance Development (PDF 11kb)
Growers fearing resistance development now have a helping hand.

Jul 2004 Leading Companies Join Forces on Pasture Renewal (PDF 32kb)
Urgent action needed by farmers to manage exploding spring grass grub populations.

Apr 2004 Higher Expectations from Disease Control (PDF 10kb)
Growers need to demand more than just disease control from fungicide seed treatment.

Mar 2002 Now's the time to hit Porina (PDF 10kb)
If Porina caterpillars run true to form, an increased challenge can be expected this year says Nufarm NZ Territory Manager Mike Cox.

Apr 2002 Nufarm's exclusive distribution rights (PDF 10kb)
Monsanto appoints Nufarm as its exclusive distributor of Roundup.

Apr 2001 Better pasture weed control in winter (PDF 9kb)
For better weed control and pasture production, consider spraying your pasture weeds in the winter is the advice of Don Wardle, Nufarm's technical sales representative.

Mar 2001 Nufarm address environmental concerns (PDF 9kb)
This autumnn Nufarm are launching a new MCPA formulation that will help combat the problem of farmers having a large number of plastic containers mounting up around the farm.

Mar 2001 Higher expectations from disease control (PDF 10kb)
Growers need to demand more than just disease control from fungicide seed treatment.