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Kaiso 50WG BYDV

Put the squeeze on aphids with Kaiso 50WG and control the source of Barley Yellow Dwarf virus.

Knockdown and residual control of aphids in cereals
Ceral insecticides and seed treatments typically only protect the crop for around 6 weeks through until the start of tillering.

Crops are then vulnerable to insect attack, so insecticides are applied to control aphids, an important vector in the development of the yield limiting disease Barley Yellow Dwarf virus (BYDV).

Kaiso 50WG offers strong knockdown and residual control of aphids, being active by both contact and ingestion. Kaiso offers repellency and persistence under all growing conditions.

Directions for use in cereals




Cereal aphid, Rose Grain Aphid
100-200g/ha** in a minimum of 200L of water/ha
Apply at the first sign of aphids. Apply the lower rate when aphid pressure is low and shorter residual activity is required. A second application may be needed if aphids continue to migrate into the crop. Ensure sufficient water volume is used to give thorough crop penetration and coverage.
Further Information

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