Duplosan Super Product Details

Duplosan Super

Duplosan super is a sytemic post-emergence herbicide for the use in wheat, barley, oats, grass crops and grass lawns against a wide range of broadleaf weeds.

  • A systemic foliar herbicide that is effective at controlling broadleaf annual and perennial weed in cereals and turf grasses.

  • It is used as a stand-alone herbicide.

  • Non volatile formulation, safer to use in sensitive areas than EC formulations.

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

130g/litre Mecoprop-p, 310g/litre Dichlorprop-p and 160g/litre MCPA
Soluble concentrate

Application Information




Cereals: barley, wheat, oats, ryecorn, grass crops
2.5 litres/ha
Apply in 150-300 litres water/ha for ground spray application. Water rates may be reduced to 20-30 litres/ha for aerial application.
Grass lawns

NB: Do not use on Cotula or Dichondra lawns

2.5 litres/ha in 250 litres water/ha
Use at pressures of at least 200 kPa.
Apply 50ml in 5 litres of water per 200 square metres. Avoid spray drift onto desirable plants.

Further Information

See the Product Information section for the product label or call 0800 NUFARM (683 276)