Kaiso 50WG Product Details

Kaiso 50WG with SORBIE technology

A synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for the control of foliar pests in beans, cereals, vegetable and forage brassicas, citrus, grapes, maize, sweetcorn, onions, potatoes, pumpkins, kumara, winter squash, tomatoes, ornamentals and amenity turf.

  • Unique granules with Sorbie Technology

  • Easy handling and storage

  • Quick knock-down

  • Broad spectrum control of insects

  • Converts quickly from a granule to a stable emulsifiable concentrate

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50g/kg Lambda-cyhalothrin
Wettable granule
500g & 2.5kg
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What is Kaiso 50WG?
Kaiso 50WG is an easy to use, broad spectrum 5% Lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide that delivers a very fast and robust efficacy against various insects.

Lambda-cyhalothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid that:

  • acts quickly (knock-down effect)
  • is effective at a low rate
  • is active by contact and ingestion on numerous types of insects such as aphids, beetles and caterpillars
  • provides good persistence and also repellent activity

For more information about how Kaiso 50WG can control aphids, the vector for Barley Yellow Dwarf virus (BYDV) click here.

What is SORBIE Technology?
Sorbie Technology is a unique formulation type, developed and patented by Nufarm. Sorbie Technology combines the benefit of Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) and Wettable Granule (WG) formulations.

It looks like a wettable granule but once added to water, behaves like an emulsion concentrate.

Sorbie Technology has been applied to formulate Lambda-cyhalothrin; this creates a unique pyrethroid insecticide with outstanding features:

  • Handling and safety benefits of a WG: no splash, easy to store, no need to rinse the pack
  • The efficacy benefits of Lambda-cyhalothrin EC: fast knock-down, residual activity and repellency action against various insects
  • Solution stability of an EC: no settling out
  • Reduced solvent load versus a conventional EC
  • Improved user safety: non-flammable, lower skin sensitization issues
  • Residual and broad spectrum performance

Further Information
Click here to view the Kaiso 50WG brochure. You can also view the product label by clicking here.

For more information email us or contact your local Nufarm Territory Manager.