Kyte 700 Product Information

Kyte 700WG

Kyte™ 700WG is a herbicide for control of a range of weeds in new and established lucerne and white clover seed crops.

  • Can be used in Spring and Autumn in actively growing crops.

  • Offers control of problematic weeds such as fathen, mallow, spurrey and wireweed.

  • Can be used to control weeds early in establishing lucerne and white clover crops before competition occurs.

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

700g/kg Imazethapyr
Water dispersable granule

Directions for use

Apply Kyte 700WG at 100-140g/ha (check label for correct rate for specific weeds) once the lucerne or white clover seed crop has emerged and reached 2 trifoliate leaves, and both pre-emergence and post emergence of weeds up to the 4 true leaf stage.

DO NOT apply Kyte 700WG with selective post emergence grass herbicides such as SeQuence™ (clethodim) or Crest™ 520 (haloxyfop). After application of Kyte 700WG grasses must have resumed active growth before application of grass herbicides.

Further Information

Click hereto got to our product page to download the Kyte 700WG product label. Or for more information, contact your local Nufarm Territory Manager.