Lion 490 DST Product Details

Lion 490 DST

Lion 490 DST is a patented formulation of glyphosate utilising Dual Salt Technology for fast-acting, reliable control.

  • Dual Salt Technology for rapid uptake and faster brown out

  • Proprietary surfactant package for superior performance

  • Patented formulation developed for reliable performance in challenging New Zealand conditions

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

490g/L Glyphosate
Soluble concentrate
20L, 200L and 1000L

Dual Salt Technology
Unlike other glyphosates formulated using single salts, Lion 490 DST uses Dual Salt Technology that increases solubility and allows for a greater loading of surfactant in the formulation.

Rainfall Period
Rainfall occurring up to 6 hours after application may reduce effectiveness. The addition of Pulse® Penetrant may reduce the rainfree period. Heavy rainfall within 2 hours will wash the herbicide off the foliage and a repeat treatment will be required.

Available exclusively at PGG Wrightson and Fruitfed Supplies

Further Information
Click here to go to our products page to download the Lion 490DST label or call us on 0800 NUFARM (683 276) for more information.