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Nu-Trazine 900DF Product Information

Nu-Trazine 900DF

Residual herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf weeds in maize, sweetcorn, linseed and established lucerne.

  • Highly pre and post emergence broadleaf weed control in maize and sweetcorn.

  • Suitable for high infestations of broadleaf weeds (especially willow weed or Triazine susceptible fathen) when tank-mixed with Roustabout 840.

  • Effective partner for paraquat for winter weed control in lucerne.

  • High strength granular formulation of Atrazine, so there’s less to handle and it’s safer to use.

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

900g/kg Atrazine
Water soluble granuale

Further Information

Click here to download the Nu-Trazine 900DF Product Label or email us and we can send the label as a PDF. Alternatively, contact your local Nufarm Territory Manager.