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Pennyroyal Reminder - Nufarm New Zealand

Pennyroyal is one of those weeds that you may not notice on your farm until it flowers. Unfortunately by the time Pennyroyal has flowered it is too late to get adequate control.

Pennyroyal is a stoloniferous weed that forms dense mats of vegetation in pastures smothering out grasses and clovers and causing poor feed utilisation. It germinates in both autumn and spring and grows very rapidly in late spring before developing flower heads in summer.

Pennyroyal is best controlled when it has lots of leaf, but prior to it developing any flower stalks.

You may have noticed plenty of purple pennyroyal flowers around the farm last summer. Complete the form below and we'll email you a reminder to control pennyroyal. The email sent in October so if you subscribe after October you won't receive your next email until the following spring.

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