Prolectus product information


Prolectus is a highly effective fungicide for the control of botrytis and grey mould in grapes.

Prolectus has:

  • Contact and tranlaminar activity
  • Excellent rainfastness
  • Safe on beneficial insects
  • Ideal rotation partner with products from other fungicide groups

Active Ingredient:


Pack Size:

400g/L Fenpyrazamine
Suspension concentrate

Directions for use:
Prolectus should be used as part of a botrytis control programme. Apply at any two of the following times: early flowering (5% capfall), late flowering (80% capfall) or pre-bunch closure.

Apply 100mL/100L as a dilute spray to run-off.
Apply a minimum of 700mL/ha and a maximum of 1.5L/ha.

Further Information
Click here to go to our products page to download the Prolectus label or call us on 0800 NUFARM (683 276) for more information.