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Resources - Nufarm New Zealand


Dairy Business of the Year
Dairy business of the year is an annual competition where dairy operations are analysed and compared based on profitability, their environmental footprint and labour efficiencies. Each entrant receives an in-depth report which benchmarks their dairy operation against regional statistics. This allows entrants to analyse and review their business. We see this as a great opportunity for all farming operations.
For more information click here to go to the Dairy Business of the Year website
Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme
Agrecovery Rural Recycling is an organisation offereing a nationwide recycling programme to all farmers, growers and agrichemical users within New Zealand. They collect and recycle agricultural and horticultural plastics as well as collecting unwanted chemicals.
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Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust

The Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust (PRCT) is an independent entity working to increase the rate of pasture renewal in New Zealand. The PRCT website has many tools for farmers including calculators to help make decisions to enable the best result from their pasture renewal.


MetService gathers, analyses and provides weather information for the public of New Zealand, and for a wide range of domestic and foreign commercial customers.

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PestWebNZ is a website designed by AgResearch to allow farmers and people in the pastoral agricultural sector to find information on the identification and management of insect pests and weeds.

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The Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) is an applied research organisation responsible to New Zealand arable growers and involved in funding of arable research and technology transfer.

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Plant & Food Research

Plant & Food Research is a New Zealand based science company providing research and development that adds value to fruit, vegetable, crop and food products.
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MAF is about agriculture, horticulture and forestry, safe food, a protected environment, the wise use of the land, the creation of clean, green product and the economic success of those who produce it.

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New Zealand's Environmental Protection Authority(EPA) administers applications for major infrastructure projects of national significance, and regulates new organisms (plants, animals, GM organisms) and hazardous substances and chemicals.
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AgriHQ is a portal for sharing farming intelligence from NZX Agri online. NZX Agri deliver several respected farming publications and information products to the agricultural sector in both hard and soft-copy formats.
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