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WeedMaster TS540 Product Details

WeedMaster TS540

A premium herbicide for weed control prior to planting crops and pasture, prior to harvesting some crops and for general weed control in horticulture, agriculture, and forestry.
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  • Contains 540g/L Glyphosate with patented Twin Salt Technology

  • Outstanding results on difficult-to-control weeds

  • Easy to pour and mix

  • Excellent stability in low temperatures

Active Ingredient:


Pack sizes:

540g/L Glyphosate
Soluble Concentrate
20L, 110L & 640L

What makes WeedMaster TS540 different?
WeedMaster TS540 is a patented formulation that contains 540g/L glyphosate with a blend of both potassium & isopropylamine salts. By combining these two salts, this unique formulation, has been develop by Nufarm to enable faster uptake, excellent efficacy and consistent results.

Superior uptake and excellent translocation
Superior uptake and excellent translocation for outstanding results.

For superior control, whatever the conditions, a glyphosate herbicide spray must adhere to the surface of the leaf, be rapidly absorbed and then move quickly to the leaves and the roots. If the weed shuts down before the herbicide is translocated through its entirety, the weed can launch a rescue mission.

WeedMaster TS540 is designed to beat the plant’s defense system through good deposition, fast uptake and excellent translocation. A lethal dose is delivered to the foliage, stem and root system even under the most challenging of growing conditions.

Activate™ - unique surfactant package
The "in can" surfactant in WeedMaster TS540 is critical to the formulation's performance. The surfactant affects the amount of chemical that is deposited on the leaf, the speed of uptake and the total amount of glyphosate taken into the foliage. Nowhere is this more important than in New Zealand where our target species, ryegrass, has a very waxy leaf cuticle. On top of this New Zealand's unpredictable and changeable weather means you are often spraying in non ideal conditions.

WeedMaster TS540 contains an exclusively blended surfactant known as Activate. Activate has been specifically designed to compliment the high load, dual salt formulation of WeedMaster TS540.

High Strength Formulation Efficiencies
WeedMaster TS540’s high strength formulation provides important practical benefits including:

  • Lower per hectare application rates.
  • A smaller amount of product to purchase and transport.
  • Fewer empty containers to recycle.
  • Low temperature storage stability.
  • A free flowing and easy to pour formulation.
  • Stability for at least five days after mixing in the tank.

The Addition of Pulse Penetrant
When spraying out pasture always add Pulse Penetrant to WeedMaster TS540 to ensure you get consistent control of ryegrass and a 20 minute rainfast period.

When ryegrass is growing rapidly, particularly in spring, the cuticle becomes extremely waxy. This waxy layer inhibits the uptake of glyphosate into the plant and may result in poor control. Adding Pulse Penetrant overcomes this problem. Pulse Penetrant drops the surface tension of the spray solution to such a low level that it is able to be rapidly absorbed through tiny pores in the leaf called stomata. This ensures high uptake, rainfastness and reliable control.

Conversion Rates
WeedMaster TS540 (L)
WeedMaster TS470 (L)
WeedMaster G360 (L)
Roundup 570 (L)

Mixing & Compatibility
Weedmaster TS540 mixes readily with clean water. Reduced results may occur if dirty water (e.g. from ponds), hard water containing calcium salts, or water containing metal ions (e.g. iron) is used. Ensure the spray tank is free of any residue of previous spray materials.

Half fill the spray tank with water. Add the required amount of Weedmaster TS540, agitate and continue filling the
tank. Avoid foaming by keeping the filler nozzle below water level.

Do not store mixed solutions for longer than 5 days. Do not use with Baton®. If adding other herbicides, ensure these are fully dispersed before adding the Weedmaster TS540. Use tank mixtures promptly

Further Information
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