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Nufarm is a global leader in the manufacture, supply and marketing of phenoxy herbicides, including Estercide Xtra 680, Butress, LVE Agritone, Agritone 750 and two new products, Amicide Advance 700 and Baton Low.

The information on these pages provides growers, advisers and distributors with technical information to support the use of phenoxy herbicides. If you require further information,
please contact us here.

Amicide Advance 700 – two seasons in one drum

Amicide Advance 700 is the newest product from Nufarm that delivers a stable and higher loaded product to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds for both in-crop and fallow situations.

More than three years of laboratory research and development have gone into creating the new high load 700 g/L 2,4-D amine formulation for the Australian market.

Amicide Advance 700 is a Group I replacement product for both Amicide 625 and Surpass 475, delivering the convenience of having both fallow and in-crop registrations in just the one drum.

Amicide Advance 700 has a key fit in the cereal, sugar, pasture and fallow markets to control the following weeds*:

• Fleabane up to the six leaf stage
• Volunteer canola, including Roundup Ready® varieties
• Turnip weed, wild radish and mustards in pastures.

Patented formulation

Amicide Advance 700’s new, patented formulation has been in development for three years to ensure its stability and compatibility in a range of conditions.

The herbicide has been designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions. This is important because our conditions are like no other in the world.

As well as laboratory testing, Amicide Advance 700 has undergone extensive glasshouse and field trial testing in local conditions across Australia.

Introducing Amicide Advance 700

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View this short video featuring Nufarm’s Formulation, Research and Development team talking about the evolution of Amicide Advance 700.

Our customers have also trialled its use in the following locations:


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