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    Centurion MAX - Nufarm UK

    Centurion MAX- A post-emergence herbicide for grass weed control

    Centurion MAX is an ACCase herbicide authorised for use in OSR and sugar beet for the control of Annual meadow-grass, cereal volunteers, Black-grass and other important annual and perennial grass weeds.

    Currently Centurion MAX is active on black-grass which may have developed resistance to other ACCase inhibitors. This includes strains with enhanced metabolic resistance or target site resistance.

    As a member of the 'dims', Clethodim is an important active and its efficacy must be preserved. Black-grass in particular has shown a tendency to develop resistant strains to previous ACCase products. It is important to use Centurion MAX as part of an integrated strategy for the control of black-grass. Cultural control is an important part of resistance management, starting at the harvest of the previous crop and having a influence on the rotation.

    Best practise guidelines

    • Target the Blackgrass at the right time - from 3 leaves to early tillering for optimum control.
    • Always use 1.0L/ha – cut the rate, lose control.
    • For annual grass weeds, sufficient foliage should have emerged to absorb the spray.
    • Apply when the weeds have not yet begun to compete with the crop.
    • Do not apply in cold weather, especially near frosts. Apply to actively growing weeds e.g. mean temperatures above 7 ⁰C.
    • Ensure no crop stress or pest damage. Adequate crop waxing and nutrition will also minimise risk.
    • For best efficacy, good coverage of weeds is essential.