Common grassland weeds - Nufarm UK


Nufarm have a strong range of grassland weedkillers to cater for almost any weed situation. The table below lists some of the more important grassland weeds and the best timing to control them.


Best controlled when they are actively growing between 15 and 25 cm tall just before flowering
Best Nufarm products: Thrust, Lupo, Depitox or Agritox


Treat when they are actively growing and about 15 to 25 cm in height or in the autumn at the rosette stage. Do not treat when Docks are in flower or setting seed
Best Nufarm products: Thrust


Optimum control obtained when Nettles are 30-45 cm tall and actively growing in the spring. If they have been allowed to flower, cut the Nettles and treat re-growth when 30cm tall
Best Nufarm products: Depitox or Lupo

Creeping Buttercup

The optimum timing for control of Creeping Buttercup is just before coming into flower. Providing Buttercups are actively growing and they have not flowered, a good measure of control can be achieved
Best Nufarm products: Agritox, Depitox and Lupo


Ragwort must be treated at the rosette stage illustrated here. Temperatures must be warm enough to allow growth. All livestock must be kept out until the Ragwort has died and completely decayed
Best Nufarm products: Thrust or Lupo