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Getting the best from Clinic TF

Always allow a good drying time for Clinic TF. The ideal drying time should be a minimum of six hours between spraying and rainfall. If rainfall occurs in less than six hours, Clinic TF activity could be reduced. Clinic TF is a very robust formulation and it usually works well even if rainfall occurs earlier than expected

Do not spray onto weeds which are already dying back due to natural senescence

Do not apply in a drought or extreme hot temperatures

Perennial weeds such as Couch must be healthy and actively growing with 4-5 leaves and 10 cm or more of new growth

Broadleaved weeds must have at least 2 expanded true leaves and be actively growing

Annual grasses must have at least 5 cm of leaf and be actively growing

Do not spray in prolonged frosty weather where weed growth has been completely halted. Clinic TF can be used where frosts are ligfht and intermittent

Cold, humid, dull conditions are ideal for Clinic TF.