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Nufarm UK Ltd is one of the top six suppliers of agrochemical products in the UK, providing a full range of crop protection products for grassland, arable, horticultural crops and products for use in amenity situations and by local authorities.

Nufarm continues to widen its product range by investing in manufacturing plant and registration packages, ensuring the long term supply of top quality products to Nufarm customers.

Nufarm UK Ltd is based at Wyke near Bradford where a wide range of top quality crop protection products, chemical intermediates, performance chemicals and polymerisation inhibitors are manufactured. All this is backed by versatile formulation and packaging facilities. Products are exported throughout the world.

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Seasonal products

Kyleo - quick total broadleaf and grass weed control in a variety of situations

Click here to go to the Kyleo web pageIf you have been having trouble controlling volunteer oilseed rape, annual nettle and other broadleaved weeds in stubble or green cover prior to tillage, Kyleo is the answer to your problem. Containing glyphosate and 2,4-D, Kyleo gives quicker and more robust control of broadleaved weeds than straight glyphosate but still controls grassweeds. Kyleo is specially formulated to get the best out of both actives. A useful product for destruction of cover crops too Click here to download the Kyleo leaflet

Broadleaf control in spring cereals

Click here to download our phenoxy leafletDifficulty in controlling Blackgrass in winter cereals has renewed interest in spring cereal cropping. Nufarm has a broad range of products for broadleaf weed control in spring cereals. Most of these are non SU's offering solutions for broadleaved weed resistance management. These products offer flexible and cost effective weed controlClick to download the Nufarm guide to Spring broadleaved weed control
Click here to download the Nufarm phenoxy leafletClick to download the CPM/Nufarm guide to Spring broadleaved weed control

Introducing Grassmanship

Click to download the brochure

Grassmanship is all about protecting your most important asset, grass. How much grass you grow determines how much stock you can carry. The Grassmanship Brochure explains the benefits of thinking long term, to increase grassland productivity and quality. We explain our product range available in new leys, established grassland, clover safe situations and run through the key timings for the most important weeds. Click the brochure to download.

Smartgrass- more grass when you need it

Click to download leafletBoost grassland dry matter by up to 60% within 21 days of application. Smartgrass provides the extra hormone to get grass growing after grazing and is an ideal tool for use in intensive grazing systems. Smartgrass is particularly useful in early spring to boost feed supply Click here for more information


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Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Further information including warning phrases and symbols can be found on this web site