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Nufarm grassland products - Nufarm UK

Grassland products from Nufarm


Area of use

Weeds/ situation


Established grassland
(Clover checked but will usually recover)

Cost-effective solution
Thistles, Buttercups, useful for Soft rush. Kills or checks many other perennial weeds


Established grassland (Clover checked but will usually recover)
Cost-effective solution. Kills or checks a wide range of perennial weeds
(MCPA + 2,4-D)

Established grassland. (Clover severely checked)
Developed for Ragwort control but will kill or check many other perennial weeds too. High loading of active and will offer improved control over Depitox and Agritox
Thrust (2,4-D + dicamba)
Established grassland (Kills clover)
Best for Dock and Thistle control. Best Ragwort product in the Nufarm range especially in combination with Nufarm Cropoil. Many other weeds controlled too
Clovermax (2,4-DB + MCPA)
Newly sown grassland (Safe to Clover within label timings)
Developed to control weeds in grassland in newly sown grass/clover leys. Controls a range of perennial and annual broadleaved weeds
Kyleo (Glyphosate + 2,4-D)
Grassland destruction prior to sowing a new ley
Straight glyphosate is often very slow to control established Dock and Thistles when destroying old grassland prior to re-sowing. Kyleo is much quicker acting on these weeds
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