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    Technical updates - Nufarm UK

    Technical Updates

    Here you will find our most recent technical updates. If you have a specific query then you can call the technical help line by dialling 01274 694714 during normal office hours.

    DiPel Diamondback Moth Control Apr 2018

    Broad leaved weed control in autumn cereals 2017 goes LIVE

    Nufarm is on YouTube

    Sencorex Flow Variety List 2017

    Weed control in Potatoes with Sencorex Flow

    Late Poppy Control in Wheat with Easel

    Soft Rush control in grassland

    Broad-leaved weed control in peas and beans

    Crafter + Broadway Star is crop safe

    Mircam Plus and High Load Mircam in Cereals 2017

    Grassmanship Brochure 2017

    Phenoxies- 70 Years of Success - Brochure 2017

    Thrust Brochure 2017

    PastureMaster Brochure 2017

    SmartGrass Brochure 2017

    Horticulture Brochure 2017

    Wheat PGR Variety Recommendations

    Stabilan 750 Label Update 2017

    Weed control in Onions with Maya

    Introducing Brazzos, post emergence weed control in Wheat and Barley

    Broad spectrum cereal broadleaved weed control in the autumn with Cyclops

    Maya- A non-ALS acting broadleaved weed herbicide in the autumn

    Kyleo- Information on Volunteer Potato control

    Kyleo- Grassland destruction control of Thistles and Docks

    Kyleo- Control of difficult weeds in stubble

    Clinic TF a new highly effective clean label glyphosate

    Diamondback moth an IPM approach with DiPel DF

    Non-chemical alternative for controlling pests in your grain store

    The yield benefit of using Crafter at T3

    Sven- The best product for virus reduction in potatoes

    Prolectus- A new level of Botrytis control

    Maya use in cereals and new crops on the label

    Centurion Max sugar beet- Control of Blackgrass and other grass weeds

    Sencorex Flow- A top metribuzin formulation

    Smartgrass- frequently asked questions

    Broadleaved weed control in spring cereals

    Get more from your grass early with SmartGrass

    Soft Rush control in grassland