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Nufarm is a leading supplier of crop protection products used by American farmers to protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease. Nufarm offers a diversified product portfolio that includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators that can be used in a variety of markets nationwide. Our products are available through most agricultural retailers.

To ensure we provide better choices for better business, Nufarm Ag employs a knowledgeable and experienced sales and marketing team, quality regulatory and product development resources, and responsive customer service team all dedicated to the highest levels of service to our distribution customers.

Kilter® insecticide offers powerful control with two modes of action to quickly eliminate yield-robbing insects for healthier plants and higher yields.

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Agri-Mycin® 17
BlightBan® A506
Champ® WG
GibGro® 20% WP
GibGro® 4LS
GibGro® 5% WP
Micro Sulf®


We have a full line of proven insecticides and fungicides to protect your potatoes from even the toughest diseases and pests.

CLICK HERE to download our product brochure and learn more about our potato crop protection products.

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Download our Product Reference Guide

Download our product reference guide

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Champ fungicide gains WSDA certification

Champ® fungicide gains WSDA certification

Champ Product Information

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