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Quincept® - Nufarm US


Quincept is a highly versatile three-way formulation that allows for post emergence weed control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail, barnyard grass, and signalgrass. Whether it be cleaning up a poorly maintained property, or combating mid-summer weed escapes, Quincept provides applicators with the versatility to address virtually any weed problem.

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  • Controls over 200 different broadleaf weeds
  • Ideal for broadcast spray or spot applications
  • Perfect late season application for weed escapes
  • Ideal for application in areas where pre-emergent cannot be applied do to spring seedling


  • 2x2.5 gal/case - 36 cases/pallet
  • 8x64 oz/case - 36 cases/pallet


  • 2,4-D - 13.24%
  • Quinclorac - 8.25%
  • Dicamba - 1.38%

**Consult label for additional use and rate information