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Want to learn more about weedmaster?

Contact your local Nufarm distributor or Nufarm Area Sales Manager


Labels & MSDS

To download a copy of all weedmaster product labels & MSDS, visit the Nufarm



The following links provide more information on good spraying and industry practices to get the most out of your crop protection products.

Visit CottonMap
CottonMap is an online mapping tool to help minimise off-target damage from downward herbicide application, particularly during fallow spraying.
Visit the Spraywise Decisions website
Spraywise Decisions is an online weather service that helps rural landholders and contractors to better plan and match the timing of crop protection product sprays to local weather conditions.
Visit the Weed Smart website
Weedsmart is an initiative that promotes the long term sustainability of herbicide use in Australian agriculture.

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